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Lord of the ... Part II
NOUN [1]_______________________ PIECE OF ARMOR [9]_______________________
NUMBER [2]_______________________ ANIMAL (PLURAL) [10]_______________________
NOUN [3]_______________________ VERB [11]_______________________
NOUN [4]_______________________ SOUND [12]_______________________
NOUN [5]_______________________ NOUN [13]_______________________
VERB ENDING IN "ED" [6]_______________________ VERB [14]_______________________
VERB ENDING IN "ING" [7]_______________________ NOUN (PLURAL) [15]_______________________
BODY PART [8]_______________________

NOTE: Some words may occur more than once.

In J.R.R. Tolkien`s famous trilogy, Lord of the           [1]          s, the second book is called           [2]           Tower(s). During the course of this book, two stories are followed. The first is that of the           [3]          , the           [4]           and the           [5]           as they pursue the           [6]           Hobbits. Along the way, they get waylaid into           [7]           the people of Rohan, who are battling against the hordes sent by Saruman (identified by the white           [8]          ). They eventually end up at           [9]          `s Deep, which they defend from the attacking           [10]          . The second story that is followed is that of Frodo and Sam as they           [11]           for a way into Mordor. Following them is           [12]          , a miserable           [13]           that is bound to the one           [1]          . They capture him and force him to           [14]           them to the           [15]           of Mordor. They abandon hopes of getting into Mordor there, so they look for another way in. Luckily           [12]           knows another way.
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