Mad:)Takes - free online ad-Lib word game similar to Mad Libs™
ADJECTIVE [1]_______________________ VERB [10]_______________________
NOUN [2]_______________________ OCCUPATION [11]_______________________
ANIMAL [3]_______________________ OCCUPATION [12]_______________________
ADVERB (ENDS IN "LY") [4]_______________________ ADJECTIVE [13]_______________________
VERB [5]_______________________ NOUN [14]_______________________
VERB ENDING IN "ING" [6]_______________________ FANTASY CREATURE [15]_______________________
NOUN (PLURAL) [7]_______________________ NOUN [16]_______________________
VERB ENDING IN "ED" [8]_______________________ ADJECTIVE [17]_______________________
OCCUPATION [9]_______________________ NOUN [18]_______________________

NOTE: Some words may occur more than once.

A rather           [1]           thing has just occurred in the life of nerdy high           [2]           student Peter Parker; after being bitten by a radioactive           [3]          , his body chemistry is           [4]           altered in that he can           [5]           walls and ceilings, and he develops a "          [3]          -sense" that warns him of           [6]           danger. Adopting the name "          [3]          -Man", Peter first uses his newfound           [7]           to make money, but after his uncle is           [8]           at the hands of a           [9]           Peter failed to           [10]          , he swears to use his           [9]           to fight the evil that           [10]           his uncle. At the same time,           [11]           and           [12]           Norman Osborn, after exposure to an           [13]           nerve           [14]          , develops an alternate personality himself; the super-strong, psychotic Green           [15]          ! Peter Parker must now juggle three things in his life; his new job at the local newspaper under a perpetually on-edge           [16]          , his battle against the evil Green           [19]          , and his fight to win the affections of           [17]           classmate Mary Jane Watson, against none other than his best           [18]           Harry Osborn, son of Norman Osborn! Is this challenge too much for even the amazing           [3]          -Man to handle?
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