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Another Trilogy: Part 3
NOUN [1]_______________________ LETTER [13]_______________________
NOUN (PLURAL) [2]_______________________ NOUN (PLURAL) [14]_______________________
FRACTION [3]_______________________ NOUN [15]_______________________
NOUN [4]_______________________ VERB [16]_______________________
ADJECTIVE [5]_______________________ NOUN [17]_______________________
ADJECTIVE [6]_______________________ VERB ENDING IN "ED" [18]_______________________
NOUN (PLURAL) [7]_______________________ GOVERNMENT POSITION [19]_______________________
SILLY WORD [8]_______________________ ADJECTIVE [20]_______________________
TYPE OF BUILDING [9]_______________________ NOUN (PLURAL) [21]_______________________
VERB ENDING IN "ED" [10]_______________________ ADJECTIVE [22]_______________________
LETTER [11]_______________________ VERB ENDING IN "ING" [23]_______________________
NUMBER [12]_______________________ VERB ENDING IN "ED" [24]_______________________

NOTE: Some words may occur more than once.

In           [1]           Wars: Return of the           [2]          , the Empire is more than           [3]           of the way through construction of a new Death           [4]           - almost twice as           [5]          , but more than twice as           [6]          . When completed, it will spell certain doom for Luke Skywalker and the           [7]          . Han Solo is a prisoner of crime lord           [8]           the           [9]          , and Princess Leia soon finds herself in the gangster`s hands. Luke Skywalker,           [10]           by C-3PO and           [11]                    [12]          -          [13]                    [12]          , makes his way into the gangster`s palace, hoping to secure his friends` freedom. But the gangster has no intention of doing so and tries to kill them all. After escaping from the gangster and the           [14]           of Tatooine, they regroup with the Rebel fleet, which is massing for an attack against the new satellite battle           [15]           at Endor. Lando Calrissian is pressed into action to lead the Rebel fighter           [16]          , while Han is put in charge of a group of soldiers to take out the           [17]           generator protecting the Death           [4]          . Luke, however, surrenders to Vader`s soldiers on Endor, and is           [18]           in front of Vader`s boss - the Galactic           [19]           - for final corruption to the           [20]           Side of the Force. The fleet of Imperial Star           [21]           ambushes the Rebels, cutting them off. Worse, the new weapon begins turning its           [22]           laser on the Rebels. Meanwhile, Luke battles the           [21]           and is all but defeated, when Vader gives his life in           [23]           him. Han`s group, finally having           [24]           the shield, allows Calrissian`s fleet to accomplish their mission, and all is well in the galaxy.
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