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Another Trilogy: Part 2
NOUN (PLURAL) [1]_______________________ OCCUPATION [9]_______________________
VERB ENDING IN "S" [2]_______________________ NOUN [10]_______________________
NOUN [3]_______________________ ADJECTIVE [11]_______________________
NOUN (PLURAL) [4]_______________________ NOUN (PLURAL) [12]_______________________
NOUN [5]_______________________ RELATIONSHIP
GOVERNMENT POSITION [6]_______________________ PART OF THE BODY [14]_______________________
NOUN [7]_______________________ CHEMICAL [15]_______________________
ADJECTIVE [8]_______________________

NOTE: Some words may occur more than once.

Star           [1]          : The Empire           [2]           Back is a thrilling movie ranging from the           [3]           fields of the planet Hoth to the           [4]           of Dagobah, and ends in           [5]           City of the planet Bespin. Han,           [6]           Leia, and the droids escape from Hoth on the damaged           [7]           Millenium Falcon. However, soon after escaping, the           [8]           Darth Vader captures them on Bespin. Meanwhile, Luke           [9]          , in a bid to strengthen his knowledge of the           [10]          , finds Yoda, one of the most           [11]           Jedis ever, on the planet Dagobah. While there, Luke trains as a Jedi, but learns his           [12]           are in danger and heads to Bespin. While attempting to be the hero, he learns that Vader is his           [13]          , loses his           [14]          , and is rescued himself. It ends with Han frozen in           [15]           and the Rebels on the run.
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