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His Cheeseburger (VeggieTales)
Contributed by Tyler Thoresen
NOUN [1]_______________________ ADJECTIVE [11]_______________________
FAST FOOD RESTURANT [2]_______________________ ADJECTIVE [12]_______________________
NUMBER [3]_______________________ ADJECTIVE [13]_______________________
ADVERB [4]_______________________ EXCLAMATION [14]_______________________
ADJECTIVE [5]_______________________ NOUN [15]_______________________
EXCLAMATION [6]_______________________ NOUN [16]_______________________
ADJECTIVE [7]_______________________ BODY PART (PLURAL) [17]_______________________
FOOD [8]_______________________ BODY PART (PLURAL) [18]_______________________
FOOD (PLURAL) [9]_______________________ ADVERB [19]_______________________
VERB [10]_______________________ ADJECTIVE [20]_______________________

NOTE: Some words may occur more than once.

He said to her I`d like a cheeseburger
And I might like a           [1]           as well
She said to him, "I can`t give you either"
And he said, "Isn`t this           [2]          ?"
She said, "Yes it is, but we`re closed now,
But we open tomorrow at           [3]          ."
He said, "I am           [4]           hungry.",
But I guess I can wait until then."

Cuz you`re his cheeseburger
His           [5]           cheeseburger
He`ll wait for you.           [6]          !
He`ll wait for you.
Oh, you are his cheeseburger
His           [7]           cheeseburger
He`ll wait for you
Oh, he will wait for you.

He stayed at the drive-thru till sunrise
He may have dozed off once or twice
When he spotted a billboard for Denny`s
          [8]           and           [9]           for half price!

How he couldn`t resist such an offer?
He really needed something to           [10]          .
Cheeseburger, please do not get           [11]          
He`ll eat and be back here for lunch!

Cuz you`re his           [12]           cheeseburger
His           [13]           cheeseburger
Be back for you.           [14]          !
He`ll be back for you.
Won`t be so long, cheeseburger
Oh, lovely cheeseburger
Be back for you
Oh, he`ll be back for you.

Cuz he loves you cheeseburger with all his           [15]          
And there`s nothin` gonna tear you two apart
And if the world suddenly ran out of           [16]          ,
He would get down on his           [17]           and           [18]          
To see if someone           [19]           dropped some cheese in the dirt
And he would wash it off for you
Wipe it off for you
Clean that           [20]           cheese off just for you!

You are his cheese ... burrrr ... grrrrr!

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