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Being Famous
Contributed by Sumner
NOUN [1]_______________________ NOUN (PLURAL) [10]_______________________
VERB ENDING IN "ING" [2]_______________________ NOUN [11]_______________________
ANIMAL (PLURAL) [3]_______________________ JUNK FOOD ITEM (PLURAL) [12]_______________________
VERB ENDING IN "ED" [4]_______________________ SWEET FOOD (PLURAL) [13]_______________________
CELEBRITY [5]_______________________ NAME OF MOVIE [14]_______________________
RESTAURANT [6]_______________________ GAME [15]_______________________
NOUN [7]_______________________ NOUN [16]_______________________
ADJECTIVE [8]_______________________ VERB ENDING IN "ED" [17]_______________________
NOUN [9]_______________________

NOTE: Some words may occur more than once.

today I went out of my           [1]           to go           [2]           and was mobbed by a huge crowd of           [3]          . I           [4]           to get out of there as fast as I could. I met up with           [5]           and we went to eat at           [6]          . We left there and went to the           [7]           and saw something amazing. It was a large           [8]                     [9]           and we were in awe. Next, my           [10]           came up to me and asked for my autograph and I gladly did so.           [5]           and I went to my           [11]           and had a sleepover. We ate           [12]           and           [13]          . We watched           [14]           and played           [15]          . Photographers tried to take pictures of us, but my           [16]           kept them away. We had lots of fun and we           [17]           all night long.
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