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New Olympic Sport
NOUN [1]_______________________ ADJECTIVE [9]_______________________
ADVERB [2]_______________________ ADJECTIVE [10]_______________________
NUMBER [3]_______________________ VERB ENDING IN "ING" [11]_______________________
ANIMAL (PLURAL) [4]_______________________ VERB ENDING IN "S" [12]_______________________
ADJECTIVE [5]_______________________ ADJECTIVE [13]_______________________
NUMBER [6]_______________________ NOUN [14]_______________________
NOUN [7]_______________________ VERB ENDING IN "ED" [15]_______________________
VERB ENDING IN "S" [8]_______________________ LENGTH OF TIME [16]_______________________

NOTE: Some words may occur more than once.

New this year to the olympics is the sport of           [1]           tag. People           [2]           compare this sport to that of the           [3]           meter relay. The sport is played where four           [4]           are each given a standard           [1]           with voice mail access in seperate           [5]           rooms from the other players. Each of the team members on a team is given           [6]           words on a           [7]          . The timer           [8]           when the           [9]           player on a team picks up the           [1]           to leave a voice mail for the           [10]           person,           [11]           the first word on the           [8]          . As the event progresses, each person           [12]           one word from their           [8]          , until finally, the           [13]           person has left a voice mail for the           [10]           person with all of the words on it. At this point, the           [10]           person must type the           [8]           of words into a           [14]           and submit it to the judges. The score is           [15]           upon speed and accuracy, with a           [16]           handicap for every incorrect word at the end.
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