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Lord of the ... Part III
NOUN [1]_______________________ SILLY WORD [8]_______________________
OCCUPATION [2]_______________________ INSECT [9]_______________________
VERB ENDING IN "ED" [3]_______________________ VERB ENDING IN "ED" [10]_______________________
FAMOUS PERSON [4]_______________________ ANIMAL (PLURAL) [11]_______________________
VERB [5]_______________________ NOUN [12]_______________________
GROUP NOUN [6]_______________________ BODY PART [13]_______________________
NOUN (PLURAL) [7]_______________________

NOTE: Some words may occur more than once.

In J.R.R. Tolkien`s famous trilogy, Lord of the           [1]          s, the third book is called Return of the           [2]          . In this final book, the two storylines from the second book are continued. In the first, the           [3]           Hobbits are reunited with their companions and           [4]           who was thought lost. Then they get split up again,           [4]           taking Pippin to Gondor, and the rest           [5]           with the Rohirim the long way to Gondor. Along the way to Gondor, three of them get diverted through the Paths of the           [6]          . Meanwhile, Frodo and Sam are being guided up the winding           [7]           by           [8]          . They then enter a cave, where a giant           [9]           attacks Frodo. He wakes up in a tower, then is           [10]           by Sam. They then continue on towards Mt. Doom. Back in the other story line, the three friends have recruited ghosts to help battle the           [11]           in Gondor. As they are nearing defeat, Frodo and Sam reach Mt Doom. There, Frodo decides not to throw the           [1]           into the           [12]          . However,           [9]           bites his           [13]           off, and falls in taking it with him. In the end, the remaining members of the fellowship are reunited, and Aragorn is crowned           [2]           of Gondor.
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