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1) Enter the Title of the Mad:)Take:
This is the text that will appear above the Mad:)Take.

2) Enter the Text of the Mad:)Take:
Please mark the locations where the words should be inserted with [label] where label is the description of the word to be inserted, such as [verb], [noun], [adjective], [place], etc. You can also use complex labels like [verb ending in "ing"] or [noun (plural)]. To use the same word in more than one place use the format [label::marker] (where marker is a unique word or number) in every place you want to use it. (NOTE: due to the limitations of some browsers, it is best to keep the Mad:)Take to about 10 sentences or less).
Quick Tutorial | Example Word Labels | Example Text

3) Generate and Test your Mad:)Take:
Click the Generate button to generate the HTML you will put into your webpage. Then click the Preview button so you can test your Mad:)Take. (NOTE: be sure to fill out the Mad:)Take and submit it so you can verify that the labels are correct and it isn't too long).

4) You're Done!
You have now generated a Mad:)Take! All you have to do now is copy the HTML code from the following text box into you page or blog where you want it to show up. Feel Free to edit the formatting however you want, just make sure not to change the form and input tags.

5) Submit Your Mad:)Take!
(Optional) If you would like to share your Mad:)Take with others via this webpage you can enter your name below and click the Submit Mad:)Take button. I will then review it for content, and post it on this website and give you the credit. Of course, if you don't want credit, you don't have to enter your name. If you would like to be informed when your Mad:)Take gets posted, you can enter your e-mail address too - the address will ONLY be used for such purpose and no other.(NOTE: I may edit the Mad:)Take to make it fit with the rest of the Mad:)Takes on the site).

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